Reduce Healing Time - UrgoStart Plus
Reduce Healing Time - UrgoStart Plus

Reduce Cost
Reduce Cost

Why Reduce Healing Time
Why Reduce Healing Time

Reduce Healing Time - UrgoStart Plus
Reduce Healing Time - UrgoStart Plus


Reduces healing time 1,2
right from the start , with it's interactive healing matrix


EXPLORER RCT proves the sooner UrgoStart treatment is initiated, the better the outcome.

•71% of wounds completely healed after 20 weeks of treatment

•Reduced healing time by 60 days on average

Use from day one to
complete healing, through
all healing phases (apart
from dark necrosis)

Proven to be cost effective,
right from the start 



The UrgoStart treatment range gives you better outcomes AND saves on treatment costs.

You generate significant savings per patient due to reduced healing time, reduced dressing changes and nursing time & reduced complications.


An Innovation with a

High Level of Recognition


Recognition by the HAS
(French Health Care Authorities), France

August, 2018


of Explorer

in the Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology

March, 2018

"Innovation Team Best Practices" AWARD, La Sorbonne, France

September, 2018


“TLC-NOSF to Treat DFU & VLUS”, UK
January, 2019

The "Prix Galien"  AWARD, France
December, 2018

International Working Group on Diabetic Foot Guidelines***
May, 2019

The “Most Innovative Product” JWC AWARD
March, 2019



Health Solution" PRIZE, Spain

July, 2018


At UrgoStart Plus we continue to evaluate our ideas,

enhance our skills and gain access to the most

cutting-edge technologies. 

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